Scientific life

Research at Stellenbosch University, Department of Private Law, South Africa 1996

Jakarta, Indonesia 1999

Lecture for the students of J. Sikile College, Narsapur (AP), India 2002

FIG Working Week Athens, Greece 2004

Presentation on the 3D Cadastre for the Netherlands' Kadaster, Arnhem, Netherlands 2004
A warm welcome by Bertus Nijstad, director of the local Cadastre office.

Lecture on the topic of the legal status of utilities, Vereniging voor Bouwrecht, Amsterdam Netherlands 2004

Study visits to Paris

At the Department of Geodetic Engineering , Delft 2003

One of my research subjects is the parcel boundary.
Field visit with colleague Joop Gravesteijn.
Surveyors of the Dutch cadastre and the buyer and seller of land in action.

Personal life

Regular visits are made to the tram networks of Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels and Blackpool (UK).
See de Wattman and Blackpool is fun.
In 1992/1993 I was involved in the restoration of an old tram from my hometown The Hague.

Trainspotter in India and an active member of the IRFCA

Not only rail traffic has my interest
As a military spotter with his former "home base" at the since 2006 closed Air Field Valkenburg (EHVB), I am a member of the SVVS (Valkenburg Aircraft Spotters Foundation).
On the photo a P3-C Orion of MARPAT (Dutch Royal Navy) landing on runway 23 of Valkenburg.
A Royal Navy Nimrod MR2 awaits permission to enter the runway.

Finally, I spend some spare time on the study of the history of military fortifications from the 17th until the 20th century.
If possible I try to to make time to explore these landmarks of both military history and architecture.
See Stichting Menno van Coehoorn (in Dutch)
At the right: on top of a "Tobruk", a small remain of the "Atlantik Wall".

At the moment I am involved in the restoration of the former German HQ Bunker at Scheveningen.

See Photos of the project on Flickr and Stichting Atlantikwallmuseum Scheveningen (in Dutch)

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