What is EuroTitle?

The European Union’s ‘four freedoms’ seem to provide a good basis for an increase of transborder real estate transactions, and to open the mortgage markets in Europe. The Second Banking Directive in 1993 established the basis for a single market for banking. However, a real European real estate market still seems far away.

The report of the Forum Group on Mortgage Credit to the European Commission of 2004 identified the barriers to a smooth functioning of the Internal Market. In short, a common European real estate market requires:

1) Transparency of mortgage products
2) Transparency of information from national land registries
3) Uniform level of certainty concerning rights and interests in real property.

The first two issues are addressed by existing initiatives. A way to tackle the differences between the mortgages within the EU, and to reach the needed transparency to compare the products of bankers is the Eurohypothec as proposed by the Eurohypothec Research Group. EULIS (European Union Land Information Service) aims to provide a cross-border access to information about the rights on real estate, using the information in the computerized databases of the participating land registries.

The third issue, uniform level of certainty concerning rights and interests in real property, has so far remained unaddressed.

The researchers involved in the EuroTitle project argue that required transparency and certainty for sellers, buyers and bankers can be achieved through a common way of land registration in Europe: EuroTitle.

Documents related to EuroTitle

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