Working Group on 3D Cadastre
FIG Commission 3 (Spatial Information Management) & 7 (Cadastre and Land Management)

Current cadastral registrations use 2D parcels to register ownerships rights, limited rights and public law restrictions on land. In most cases this is sufficient to give clear information about the legal status of real estate. But in cases of multiple use of space, with stratified property rights in land, the traditional 2D cadastre is not, or only in a limited way, able to reflect the spatial information about those rights in the third dimension.

At the FIG-congress in April 2002 in Washington DC it was decided to form a special working group in order to study the 3D issue of cadastral registration in a fundamental way and on an international level.

This working group on 3D Cadastres is a joint sub-group of Commission 3 and Commission 7 of the FIG (as part of Working Group 7.3 (Advances in Modern Land Administration).

The working group aims to publish a publication on guidelines to establish 3D Cadastres, addressing legal, institutional and technical issues. 

Legal, institutional and technical aspects of a 3D cadastre
The working group is subdivided in three sections, dealing with respectively the legal, institutional and technical aspects of a 3D cadastre. Reports from each of the subsections will be published on this website.

If you want to join the work of the working group, please contact the chair of the working group at for further information.


Chair of the Working Group
Dr. Hendrik Ploeger
TU Delft
Research Institute OTB
P O Box 5030
2600 GA Delft
Tel: + 31 15 278 2557
Fax: + 31 15 278 2745

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